Patch 1.1 08/03/21

INCLUSIONS / MODIFICATIONS• Added new car menu (upgrades, etc.) for Mech and PD.• Added in "CarFacts" report for Mech and Car Dealer. New ways to request will come in a near future.• Added in "Job Menus" for Mech and Car Dealer.• New "nap" feature in your radial menu. Helps with small issues in-game that could involve a relog (instead, use the nap feature. Work in progress.)• New Off-Road vehicles and motorcycles available at Sanders.• Added "starting" crafting table to Benny's Hub (please check with in-game map).• Added more options to the services app on the phone.• Added ability to roll…

DaSeci by DaSeci
August 3, 2021

Patch 1.0 Going Live 7/30/21

Expect a little downtime the morning of 7/30/21 as things are getting prepped for launch. During that time info that will help you along during your journey at WhatPixel will be released. Dont forget to check back!!!

DaSeci by DaSeci
July 28, 2021

Patch Notes 0.7.2

Reworked lock picking system for cars and houses Swapped out clothing Replaced Police Fleet Resolved 'Services' App on Phone

DaSeci by DaSeci
June 30, 2021

Patch Notes 0.7.1

Cleaned up unused resources

DaSeci by DaSeci
June 28, 2021