• Added new car menu (upgrades, etc.) for Mech and PD.
• Added in “CarFacts” report for Mech and Car Dealer. New ways to request will come in a near future.
• Added in “Job Menus” for Mech and Car Dealer.
• New “nap” feature in your radial menu. Helps with small issues in-game that could involve a relog (instead, use the nap feature. Work in progress.)
• New Off-Road vehicles and motorcycles available at Sanders.
• Added “starting” crafting table to Benny’s Hub (please check with in-game map).
• Added more options to the services app on the phone.
• Added ability to roll down windows from radial menu.
• Added in option at Auto Exotic to repair vehicle when no Mechs are on.
• Added NEW Fishing. (Check map + old spot for fishing is available at the moment but will get reworked (Lake)).
• Added in Police Alerts to phone app.

• Replaced taxi car. Job works now.
• Lowered reload time.
• Trucking job fixed. (Payment is still a work in progress).
• Fixed many locked doors.
• Moved the Market Place to a more accessible location.
• Raised in-game voice volumes.
• Fixed LSPD badging on new PD.
• All cars have been “Classed” and will perform as such.
• Vehicle upgrade prices reduced.
• Adjusted shop inventories.
• Population changes. (Density)
• Need to start your Vehicle by pressing LEFT CTRL and then holding the same key bind. (“Give keys” action is unavailable momentarily).
• Reduced ALL vehicle fuel consumption.
• Launcher updated. (Download on website).
• Health now saves and restores properly on relog.
• Inventory UI fix for large resolutions (Car Hud is still off momentarily).